Creighton Dining App

As part of my work as a Web & Mobile Apps Specialist at Creighton, I was the primary designer for the Creighton Dining App. I was involved with the development of the app from the initial design stages through the launch process. I designed mockups. I wireframed. Though I did not code anything, I helped determine the layout of the app and the functionality of virtuality every item in the app. I designed all of the icons, chose the color scheme, and even wrote copy for the ‘about’ section. I acted as a liaison between the sub-contracted developer and all of the departments on campus who were involved in the making of the app (dining services, student services, the department of information technology, etc.). In addition to my own cross-device testing of the app, I was responsible for coordinating alpha and beta testing with students and staff. I also designed and wrote copy for marketing materials (posters, table tents, electronic announcements) that were distributed across campus.

You can download the app here.

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